Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rapunzel vs. Tangled

You wouldn’t even have to read the original tale of
Extra Large Movie Poster Image for TangledRapunzel by the Brothers Grimm to know there would be major differences between it and the new Disney movie Tangled, all you’d have to do is look at the movie poster. Right off the bat they have different titles, the movie poster has a horse holding a sword, and Rapunzel has a chameleon on her head. For those who haven’t seen the movie or maybe only read the book here is a comparison of the two.

Tangled Disney Film
Original Rapunzel Tale
  • Rapunzel is a princess, whom possesses magical qualities due to a magical flower that has healing powers
  • Mother Gothel is an old woman who steals Rapunzel to harness her power, which brings back Mother Gothel’s youth when she sings. Rapunzel’s hair glows at the song.
  • Rapunzel grows up in a tower thinking Mother Gothel is her mother.
  • Flynn Rider, a thief, takes shelter in the tower and Rapunzel is surprised and scared by him
  • They go on an adventure to take Rapunzel to see the “floating lights”, and they end up falling in love
  • Mother Gothel stabs Flynn and tries to take Rapunzel away again
  • She makes a deal to go with Mother Gothel in exchange for healing Flynn
  • Flynn cuts off Rapunzel’s hair killing Mother Gothel and evidently himself
  • Rapunzel cries a single tear over him and the magic in her tear heals him
  • Gets married to Flynn after returning to rule as princess
  • A husband steals rapunzel lettuce from a fairy’s garden to fulfill his pregnant wife’s craving
  • He is soon caught, and the fairy lets him take as much rapunzel as he wants but he must give her his child
  • The fairy, Mother Gothel, names the child Rapunzel
  • She turns 12 and gets locked away in a high tower
  • Rapunzel lets down her long hair when a prince visits her
  • She was afraid but then they enjoy each other’s company
  • Rapunzel accidentally tells Mother Gothel, that she is pregnant
  • Mother Gothel chops off her hair and banishes her
  • She then tricks the prince and he throws himself off the tower; he becomes blind
  • After wandering around Rapunzel and the prince find each other
  • Two tears restore his vision
The Disney version plays up the romance and gives the story more of a lovey dovey family feel. Disney added magical song and youth-restoring hair to keep the "Disney Magic" in the story like it's other tales. The only real similarities are the use of “Rapunzel’s” name, her long hair, and ending up with her prince. And the most unusual detail is the magical element of Rapunzel’s tears. Two tears restore her prince’s vision in the original, and one tear brings back Flynn in the Disney film. A small but very important similarity. Overall, Disney did what it always does with the Grimm tales which is change them to no longer be Grimm tales and add songs.

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