Sunday, November 29, 2015

My FYS Experience

I've always been a huge fan of Disney princesses and stories and parks, well everything Disney. So coming into the class I thought that we would read a couple Grimm tales and then learn all about the changes Disney made to the stories to make them better. But it quit the opposite. 
During the class we didn't just learn about the tales but we learned a lot about the Brothers Grimm and their history and lives. Getting to know the authors of these tales helped me to better understand the influence the tales left on Germany and the world. And gaining this information showed me that Disney did take away some culture while making his successful films!  

Looking over my blogs from the semester I realized I came in with a closed mind just wanted to learn about happy ever afters and prince charmings. But I learned so much more. I learned how to really look at texts and see the meaning behind it. I learned culture and some German words as well, thanks Dr. Esa. The class didn't just teach me about Grimm tales but how to be an overall better student. 

I really liked how the class was set up with readings and discussions. Personally this is how I learn best so I got a lot out of this class. My favorite part however was going and presenting to the third graders at the elementary school. I love taking what I've learned and teaching it to younger students who are willing to have an open mind. This class was overall more than what I expected and really enjoyed it! 

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