Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why Grimm to Disney???

While looking through the possible freshman year seminar classes it was relatively easy for me to pick out the classes I wouldn't like but the ones I did became harder to choose between. I knew that if I wanted to really do well in my FYS class it would have to be something I truly enjoy. Growing up I've always loved fairy tales as in The Brother's Grimm and then that faded when Disney movies became more apparent. So having a class where I'll be able to study the correlation between the two was something that sparked my interest. Obviously it was also the luck of the draw since we had to wait to see which one we'd actually be placed in, but I would have picked this one anyway.

Within the seminar I hope to expand my overall knowledge of the topics discussed in The Grimm tales. Along with the transformation and manipulation of the tales to fit the target audience of the Disney ideals. There is probably more that I’ll learn that I’m not expecting but that is part of education, isn’t it? This class allows that to be an option since it is unlike most classes we’ve, or at least, I’ve taken in high school. This seminar is really going to be an fun yet informational class.

My favorite fairy tale is definitely Sleeping Beauty. I’ve always loved the fact that “true love’s kiss” saves the day, since I am a hopeless romantic. While at the same time the fact that the villain is so powerful and evil, I really just love Maleficent. So the combination of gushy love story and powerful women villain makes for a perfect balance in a fairy tale.